Small Works Department completes UNICEF Project

Pacific Building Solutions is proud to have been awarded and to have successfully completed the refurbishment project for the UNICEF Pacific Office in Suva. PBS is grateful for the opportunity to have worked on this project as well as for the assistance that UNICEF has provided in its efforts to combat COVID 19 in Fiji.

One of the most recent contributions by UNICEF was a partnership with USAID to have 150,000 doses of the Moderna Vaccine delivered to Fiji. These vaccines are especially important during this time as it is the only one that is proven safe to use by our expecting mothers and the elderly in our community.  UNICEF has played an important role in assisting Fiji as we continue to fight the deadly virus and with their help we are hopeful that we will win the battle.

In speaking to the Construction & Operations Manager of PBS, Romit Dass, who lead the team, he shares their story of working on this project during the height of this Pandemic.  Despite the current situation, Romit said, “the team remained focused and determined to complete works, which included the demolition, renovation and refurbishment of the offices. With a team averaging 10 people, including a skillful team of Filipino nationals, and with the current COVID SOP’s and guidelines, it took some getting used to” Romit added.

The project, that was supposed to be completed within 5 weeks took longer than expected due to a few small setbacks, such as; Office tables not being able to be moved in due to COVID restrictions, changes to the colour scheme was made and furniture had to be manufactured locally because of shipping restrictions.

However, Romit and the team managed to complete all the work for UNICEF on the 3rd and 5th floors of the FDB Building in Suva on Friday 30th August with a clean and successful handover.

Romit adds, “we are very grateful for the work we have, and we are very thankful to the UNICEF team for trusting our PBS Small Works Department with the refurbishing and upgrade of their two new office floors”.  PBS wishes them good health and safety as we work together for COVID-safe Fiji.

Source: PBS,  4th Aug, 2021

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