The safety of people on all PBS sites is the top priority for us. We are committed to our structured Workplace Health & Safety procedures and we are continually striving to comply with the Ministry of Labour’s workplace regulations of safety.

As a matter of policy the company recognizes that health and safety risks are inherent in any project it undertakes and has implemented a pragmatic, people-focussed, company-wide approach to ensure a zero harm working environment and the fundamental belief that work related injuries and illnesses are preventable.

Site-specific safety plans and systems are developed for each project and released to all stakeholders.

Included in the plan are:

  • Site induction procedures;
  • Site safety requirements and toolbox meetings;
  • Requirements and procedures for inspection and testing of equipment;
  • Hazard identification and hazard control procedures;
  • Evacuation plans;
  • Site safety audit procedures;
  • Accident investigation and reporting procedures; and
  • Subcontractor safety management.

We maintain a full time Health & Safety Manager, who oversees the entire spectrum of health and safety related issues distributed across the company.

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