PBS: Our People Are Everything

Pacific Building Solu­tions has carried out a mid-year internal training programme for its team leaders in all of its construction projects. Team leaders went through introductory training on the new International Standard for Organization (ISO) 45001 for Occupational Health & Safety.

This new standard is aimed at team leaders and is process focused. One of the key objectives that PBS focussed on from this new OHS standards was to control factors that lead to accidents and inju­ries. The training was carried out by PBS group Occupa­tional Health & Safety man­ager, Julian Daveta. As part of this mid-year ex­ercise, all workers were also part of a Team Building & Information afternoon ses­sion.

Michael Fairfax, Manag­ing Director, reiterated “Our staff are everything. We are at the forefront of construction and thus our alignment and eventual cer­tification for this new ISO 45001 is critical for future projects. It is also vital to keep our workers informed of upcoming work and the general direction of the company. This will give them confidence in work­ing hard and thus allows for maximum productivity”.

Source: Pacific Building Solutions / Fiji Sun 26 July, 2018.

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