As construction professionals and related organisations prepare for this week’s industry conference, Pacific Building Solutions will be highlighting the major concern of a lack of committed and quality workers. Avinesh Arjun, PBS’s commercial manager and chief estimator will be representing the company to the conference that has the industry abuzz.

Born and raised in Suva, Mr Arjun began his career by volunteering to learn the ropes at the young age of 16, after school and on school holidays. By the time he finished secondary school, he was experienced and began to work full time for Raghwan Construction, following in his father’s footsteps. A few years later he formally acquired his qualifications from the Fiji Institute of Technology and moved on to JS Hill Construction before joining PBS 9 years ago.

Mr Arjun’s story is a familiar one amongst most construction industry leaders. He says he was eager to learn, started from an early age, worked hard through experience and rose through the ranks to a key position in one of the South Pacific’s biggest construction companies. These qualities are becoming difficult to find in Fiji as the lure of better pay and lifestyles take the cream of the crop overseas. This is one of the major concerns PBS will be taking forward to the conference.

Source: Fiji Sun / PBS 13 July, 2018

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