Movie Set Construction

Our movie set division has worked on just about every major production that has come to the country including feature movies, reality TV shows, commercials and magazine shoots. Many of our local employees have worked on multiple productions. We are capable of producing high quality sets for any budget in just about any location. We have a 3000 square meter covered workshop fully equipped to build any requirement. This includes structural steel department, art department, timber and framing, machine shop and paint booth. As unusual as it might seem, PBS has an extraordinary amount of experience in movie set and crew accommodation construction.

Recent projects on which we’ve been commissioned include:


MTV Road Rules
We were employed as location scout for MTV Road Rules and main contact during preproduction. In addition, we were commissioned as construction coordinators to supply all construction materials, props and sets for the production. We also supplied plant equipment and labour as required.


Anacondas: The Hunt for the Blood Orchid (Columbia Films)
PBS was commissioned to transform Viti Corp farm sheds into a base for the Construction/Art department workshop for the shooting of the movie Anacondas. One of our directors, Michael Fairfax, was employed as Construction Foreman for the movie and PBS supplied the core of the local construction department. We supplied tools, vehicles, boats, generators, manpower and local contacts to the department. We were employed for over 6 months on this film.


Granada’s Fantasy Love Island
We were commissioned by Granada to provide materials and prefabricated set for the celebrity Love Island on Bounty Island. We prefabricated a variety of structures and props.


Survivor (FIJI)
Our biggest crew accommodation construction project was the design and building of the crew accommodation for the crew of Survivor in Labasa in late 2005. We built 174 one bedroom units in 5 weeks on a remote site on Vanua Levu, Fiji. We also built props and assisted with tribal council buildings amongst others. We provided the base of the construction requirements through PBS.


Endemol’s “Under One-Roof”
We were commissioned for the construction of a 3,600 square feet house for the Endemol production, Under One Roof, in a very remote part of the Fiji Island group. We completed this large house in 10-weeks on time and within budget. In addition, one of our directors, Michael Fairfax, was employed as Art Director. We supplied vehicles, boats, tools and manpower for the duration of the production.


Eco Challenge
PBS was employed to coordinate construction for Eco Challenge. We built starting props and signboards and provided contacts during scouting and pre production. We assisted with location and talent scouting.

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