The PBS Metal Work Shop was previously a marine trade specialist operation we acquired when we purchased our factory in Suva. Those employees, their skills and methods were retained and now allow us to handle almost any metal work task from intricate, custom made one-offs in aluminium or stainless steel to complete steel building super-structures. The PBS metal work team is a tight group of highly qualified and experienced locals who have worked together for over a decade, who take their jobs seriously and are motivated by high quality work.


The PBS Joinery Shop is the largest single component of our Suva workshop and stands proud as a quality manufacturer of doors, windows and cabinetry – all custom made. With specifically tooled machinery and the latest computerized systems, the Joinery team is in the enviable position of being self sufficient with respect to demands for custom profiled components. Attention to detail is expected everyday with the result being a unique finish to every job. The spray and finishes department works closely within this shop to ensure the highest quality surfaces are delivered with meticulous care.


When provided with creative license, PBS is excited to include art as a form of construction to our jobs. Our carvers and sculptors share a passion for evolving traditional forms of art and melding it into contemporary style for both homes and resorts. The unmistakable South Pacific look and feel is a personalized compliment to any project. We can work ordinary timber, stone, resin and concrete into something special if allowed the freedom to showcase our flair.


Natural thatching methods have traditionally been passed down through generation in Fiji and the traditional “Na Bure” look is extremely popular with both homes and resort projects.  We source our natural “soga” leaves (palm) and “magimagi” (twine) from villages providing income to families and clans on the western coast of Viti Levu.  Soga is treated at the treatment plants prior to incorporating them into traditional or modern building techniques to create the most authentic backdrop possible.


PBS is a licensed wall frame and truss manufacturer. Our Wall Framing Department precuts and prenails timber wall framing after our structural designer uses the latest Pryda wall-builder software to detail structures to the highest level of accuracy and engineering. The resulting graphics and details can then be downloaded directly to the company’s saws for cutting before the factory carpenters assemble and finish the components using Pryda Truss jigs and a Pryda Truss press.

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